Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Modulator ESP Music Update

I've uploaded the track Silent Planet to the Music page of the website. this was recorded at my first ever gig on 25.01.04 at Bunker's Hill, Nottingham, UK. It's a large file (about 11.23MB) but I quite like the menacing sequences layered with weird synth fx. This piece is another candidate for re-working for the new cd. Hope you enjoy it.
In other news I've also joined the which looks like a place for lively discussion on all aspects of Electronic Music. Also in the planning stages for the next Modulator ESP gigs, hopefully later this year. I hope to have support from John Sherwood performing as 4m33s and Steve Humphries performing as Create and will probably do these under the banner of Awakenings. Check out their sites. :)

Sunday, August 01, 2004

minor update

Well it's been a quiet week, all in all, with work being particularly tiring this week. No real music done this week, though I have been playing around with the arpeggiator on my new Korg Prophecy and can see it generating some interesting musical ideas. Also joined the OnlineMusic World forum, which seems to be quite an interesting place. It appears that next year's appearance at the AmbientLive Awakenings concert series is a goer. I will be supporting Dutch electronic musician Ron Boots. My design for a flyer is below, I hope it gets used. It's based on some ideas that the organiser, John Sherwood, posted at OMW.